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Who We Are

Simply put...we're world changers! We're on a mission to bring clean renewable energy to everyone. At Palmetto Direct we are removing barriers and improving the way our customers and employees power their lives.

Along the way Palmetto Direct has become the nation's premier solar sales and installation company, being recognized more than any other organization in the country.
It's time to break out, and become the best version of yourself with a company that is equipped to help get you there. 

We're thrilled you're interested in joining our team!

Our Mission

"To create an unparalleled customer experience while empowering our people for a brighter future."


We believe clean energy is for everyone and we should all be building a sustainable future for our planet. We believe in the power of choice, and are deeply committed to inspiring homeowners to take back control from their utility while making a positive impact on our planet.


Provide customers and employees with the most complete solar experience in the industry. Equipping our people with the best value proposition, tools, leadership, and support systems to develop them and enable their success in the industry.

Our Promise

The salesman (and woman) are King (and Queen). We treat you as such.

We're Into Long-Term Relationships 

We know that you can choose to work anywhere. That's why we're committed to providing the absolute best tools, training, culture, compensation, and overall experince to not only help you find success, but also ensure you want to call Palmetto Direct your home!

It's not often can you work in an industry where you have the opportunity to lower people’s bills, champion a cause, and save the planet? That’s all in a day’s work at Palmetto Direct. We’re always looking for hungry individuals who want to help others while making an incredible living for themselves. Come build with us!


Tools of the Trade

Your tools are essential to your sucess! Palmetto Direct empowers our people with clean and easy to use platforms, ensuring no missed opportunities in the field.

     - Canvassing Software
     - E-Learning Platform
     - Instant Designs 
     - Multiple Integrated Finance Options
    - PPA & Leasing Options
     - Full Pipeline Visibility
     - Live Sales Support Services

To seize every opportunity, you need the right technology on your side. The suite of tools spans the whole sales process to provide a streamlined and efficient selling experience.

Let's Be Uncommon Together!

Ready to become part of something great?
Give us some basic information and one of our team members will reach out to you, answer all your questions, and see if this is right for you.